Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What, another post in just over a week?

Welp, in actuality, this asset was the first one I worked on for my hi res modeling exercises.  I decided to start with something familiar, specifically an asset from the game that I had worked on, Stacking:

The asset is a Zeppelin shaped buffet table inside a luxury Dual Zeppelin vehicle:

The concept art was illustrated by Lee Petty, who was also the Project Lead.  The image next to the illustration is my original attempt before coming to a several months long stopping point, where I reassessed whether to continue working on this asset, and if so, how would I re think my approach in constructing my hi res version of the asset.

So after a few months away from this asset, I returned to working on it.  I had decided to try to work more quickly, be a little less worried about the "tightness" of the mesh, and focus more on the "feel" of the mesh that I was constructing, to really express the fun in making this scene.   Also, I placed the asset within a context, since anyone outside of games would have no idea what is going on here:

Then I thought, some basic lighting would help make the asset pop:

To add more context, I decided to show how the table would be placed, plus some background objects to play with scale, which was one of the visual direction from the game:

So there you have it, and still a ways to go, but it's getting somewhere.   Hopefully I will find some time to continue working on this scene, as well as the laboratory scene from the previous post, in the next few months.  In the meantime, thanks for looking!


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