Sunday, October 26, 2014's been nearly FIVE years since my last post, and time sure flies.

And now,  I will endeavor to be more regular ... with my postings that is ... now that I am doing some hi (er) res modeling to keep my modeling muscles active.

So here is the first scene I'm working on, and it's a busy one:

As has been my process since so many years, I start with broadstrokes, i.e., I block out the scene as quickly as possible to try and get the feel of the composition:

Here's another image with the block mesh developed further, and with some fleshing out of the geo:

To take breaks from the scene, I elected to detail out the console at the center foreground of the image:

This is a start, but I got a LONG ways to go, so calling this a "Work In Progress" is an understatement.

Thanks for looking, and hope to keep posting more images as I continue to work on this scene.